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3D2N Bario Highlands


Close to the Indonesian border in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak and dominated by Gunung Murud are the Kelabit Highlands, the highest inhabited area of Borneo. It can only be reached by light aircraft or on foot, not by road or river. Kelabit, Murut, Sabahan, Lun Bawang and Penan are people who live in longhouses at an altitude of 3700ft. wet padi farming is the main source of food, supplemented by hunting and the cultivation of fruit and vegetables for local consumption. In the past salt springs and a fairy rich soil, plus the people’s own industry and ingenuity, made them self-sufficient, needing only iron which was traded for salt and tobacco. Although many people have left the area to work in the towns, enough rice is still grown for home consumption and for sale to other parts of the state.


MYR 698

Bario, Sarawak
4D3N Bario Highlands Adventure


Bario is a peaceful village located in the centre of the Kelabit Highlands in the north east of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is almost sharing international borders with the Indonesian Kalimantan, and is about 3280 feet above sea level. It is the main settlement in the Kelabit Highlands. There are regular flights between Bario Airport, Miri & Marudi. As for their history, the Kelabits are mostly found in the region stretching from the Karayan and the Kelapang River northwards to the Upper Limbang River, a belt of the Kelabit hinterland.


MYR 798

Bario, Sarawak